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Cutting Edge WB p81.3 ★★★

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1. What would you do if you could take six months off work?

2. What would you do if you became a world leader?

3. What part of your body would you change if you could?

4. If you had to live on a desert island what would you take with you?

5. What would you rescue if your home was on fire?

6. If you could change places with anyone, who would you choose?

7. If you went back to school, what would you study?

8. What would you do if you only had four weeks to live?




Speak! English Salon/スピーク英会話サロン


Author: Aonghas Crowe

Aonghas (pron. "Ennis") Crowe is an author, writer, blogger, and translator. He splits his time between Fukuoka, Japan and Beirut, Lebanon. Read more by Aonghas Crowe at www.aonghascrowe.com

One thought on “Cutting Edge WB p81.3 ★★★

  1. My answers:
    1. I would move to Beirut and finish my novel.
    2. I would put all my energy into solving the problem of peace in the Middle East.
    3. I wish I could change the shape of my head.
    4. I’d take my iPhone.
    5. I’d rescue my computers, important papers, and, of course, Pyonkichi.
    6. George Clooney.
    7. Architecture or behavioral economics.
    8. I’d spend a week traveling around Japan, seeing things I haven’t yet seen. Then I’d go to Lebanon and spend about five days there visiting with family and eating good food. After that, I’d travel to Europe and revisit the places I lived when I was young. In the last week and a half I would return to the United States and travel up the coast of California. I would spend my final days with my family in Portland, hopefully in time for Christmas.

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