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Waste not! ★★

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The proverb “Waste not, want not” came up in class. It’s a fairly common saying that can be used for a variety of situations. It meant that if you use a commodity or resource, such as money or oil, carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need. In other words, if you conserve something today, you won’t run out of it later. In Japanese the proverb can be translated as “浪費しなければ不自由することはない;骨身惜しむな無駄惜しめ”. Got it?


Speak! English Salon/スピーク英会話サロン


Author: Aonghas Crowe

Aonghas (pron. "Ennis") Crowe is an author, writer, blogger, and translator. He splits his time between Fukuoka, Japan and Beirut, Lebanon. Read more by Aonghas Crowe at www.aonghascrowe.com

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