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Vocab Building – Sentimental ★★★★

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If you are moved to tears by a situation that does not necessarily warrant such a response, you’re likely to be called sentimental, an adjective used to describe a willingness to get emotional at the slightest prompting.

(Ex.: a sentimental man who kept his dog’s ashes in an urn on the mantel)

Effusive applies to excessive or insincere displays of emotion, although it may be used in an approving sense.

(Ex.: effusive in her gratitude for the help she had received)

Maudlin derives from the name Mary Magdalene, who was often shown with her eyes swollen from weeping. It implies a lack of self-restraint, particularly in the form of excessive tearfulness.

Mawkish carries sentimentality a step further, implying emotion so excessive that it provokes loathing or disgust.

(Ex.: mawkish attempts towin the audience over)

Although romantic at one time referred to an expression of deep feeling, nowadays it is often used disapprovingly to describe emotion that has little to do with the way things actually are and that is linked to an idealized vision of the way they should be .

(Ex.: she had a romantic notion of what it meant to be a “starving artist”)

Mushy suggests both excessive emotion or sentimentality and acontempt for romantic love.

(Ex.: a mushy love story)

sentimental (ˌsen(t)əˈmen(t)l)

1 (理性的でなく)感情的な, 心情的な, 感情からの

for sentimental reasons 心情的な理由から

The old bicycle has great sentimental value for me. その古い自転車は私にとってひじょうに愛着の深いものだ

2 〈物が〉感傷をそそる, 感傷的な

sentimental painting 感傷的な絵

3 〈人が〉涙もろい, 感傷的な

effusive (ifjúːsiv)

1 感情をあらわにした, 心情を吐露した, おおぎょうな

2 ほとばしり出る, あふ

maudlin (maːdlin)

もろい, 感傷的な;お涙ちょうだい的な;泣き上戸の

[中英語maudelen←教会ラテン語Magdalena(MARY MAGDALENE). 絵に描かれたマリヤが泣いていることから. いまのつづりは発音にならったもの]

mawkish (maːkiʃ)

1 変に感傷的な

2 吐き気を催すような(味の)


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