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This is from the fire extinguisher in my building. There are a number of small mistakes in the English.

△ How to operate

◎ Instructions

“How to operate” isn’t necessarily wrong, but in this context it isn’t the most suitable phrase. “Instructions” is more natural.

X  Direct a hose at fire

◎ Direct the hose at the fire

◎ Point the hose toward the fire.

Japanese often have trouble with “a” and “the”, and it’s not always easy to say when you should use “the” instead of “a”. In this case, however, there’s probably only one fire, so the sign should say “the fire”.

X  Grasp operation lever

◎ Squeeze handle


Speak! English Salon/スピーク英会話サロン




Author: Aonghas Crowe

Aonghas (pron. "Ennis") Crowe is an author, writer, blogger, and translator. He splits his time between Fukuoka, Japan and Beirut, Lebanon. Read more by Aonghas Crowe at www.aonghascrowe.com

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