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Interchange, Un. 6 p39 ★★

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Interchange, Un. 6 p39.7

1. The walls need to be painted.

2.  The rug needs cleaning.

3.  The windows need washing.

4. The clothes need to be picked up.

5.  The lamp shade needs replacing.

6. The wastebasket needs to be emptied.

7.  The ceiling fan needs adjusting.

8. The plant needs watering.

Interchange, Un. 6 p39.7

1. My computer is driving me crazy. It keeps breaking down.

2.  The buttons on the remote control always stick. They keep getting jammed.

3. That used CD player often jumps to another song. It keeps skipping.

4. Our new flat-screen TV has a problem. It keeps flickering.

5. Those old cell phones never work right anymore. They keep going dead.

6.  Sometimes Ed can’t use his solar-powered calculator. It keeps going dead.

7.  My computer screen needs to be replaced. It keeps freezing.

8.  The answering machine never picks up any calls. It keeps breaking down.


Author: Aonghas Crowe

Aonghas (pron. "Ennis") Crowe is an author, writer, blogger, and translator. He splits his time between Fukuoka, Japan and Beirut, Lebanon. Read more by Aonghas Crowe at www.aonghascrowe.com

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