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Kotowaza – Two Rabbits

I’ve been meaning to give this blog a new lease on life by adding more things that interest me personally, postings related to my own study of the Japanese language and culture, in addition to the English resources for my students I’ve been posting, in the hope that it will attract a larger more varied audience. One of the things I’ve been meaning to write about is Japanese kotowaza, or sayings and proverbs.

The first installment of this series is a saying that occurs to me every time I play tennis:


Ni to wo ou mono wa itto o ezu

He that hunts two hares loses both.


Between two stools you fall to the ground.


Whenever I try to pick up a tennis ball that is near feet before my partner can return a ball to me, 9 out of 10 times I fail to both pick the ball on the ground up and hit the ball that’s flying towards me. And yet, I try, try, try again to get both balls. When will I ever learn?

Another Japanese saying with a similar meaning is abuhachitorazu (アブ蜂取らず):


Chase two hares and catch neither.


If you are too greedy, you’ll end up with nothing at all.


You have one girlfriend. Don’t start after another. You’ll fall between two stools.


She had to choose between a career and marriage. She knew she couldn’t have it both ways.


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Japan Times – Phrase 86 ~ 87 ★★

Japan Times の『これで英語が通じた!思ったことがズバリ言えるフレーズ」からふだん、会話でよく使う短い言葉。いざ英語で言うとなると…

今週のフレーズ – 88

You’re disgusting!


A: I was just playing around with you.

B: You’re disgusting. I never want to see you again.

A: あなたとは遊びだったのよ。

B: 君は最低だな。もう顔も見たくない。

モラルの問題で腹が立ったことを言うときに使う、かなり強い言葉。I’m disgusted with his behavior. のように過去分詞の形で使うこともある。I’m disgusted with my performance today.(今日の出来には腹が立つ)のように、自己批判する形でもよく使われる。

今週のフレーズ – 87

That’s horrible!


A: He ridiculed me in front of my friends.

B: That’s horrible.



That’s horrible./That’s terrible./That’s awful. は、すべて第三者の行動を非難するときに使う言葉。horribleterrible の前に just をつけると、意味が強くなる。

今週のフレーズ – 86

What are you talking about?


A: Oh, no, I’m going to be late for work.

B: What are you talking about? Today’s Sunday.

A: いかん、会社に遅れちゃうよ。

B: 何言ってるの? 今日は日曜日よ。


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Cartoon – Ziggy ★★

Ziggy is a cartoon created in 1969 by Tom Wilson.

Ziggy is a small, bald, trouserless, barefoot, almost featureless character (save for his large nose) who seems to have no job, hobbies, or romantic partner, only a menagerie of pets: Fuzz, a small white dog; Sid, a cat afraid of mice; Josh, a discouraging parrot; Goldie, a fish; and Wack, a duck. The appeal of the cast is juxtaposed with the endless stream of misfortunes which befall Ziggy. The character is frequently depicted in surreal or arbitrary situations, though many jokes mine typical comic strip pop culture territory, such as computers and the perils of modern life.


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World Cup – Soccer Vocabulary

・ FIFA(国際サッカー連盟)|La Fédération Internationale de Football Association(▼フランス語); 〔英語〕The Federation of International Football Association・ Jリーグ|the J. League; the Japan Professional Football League・ 日本サッカー協会|the Football Association of Japan⦅略JFA⦆・ ワールドカップ大会|the FIFA World Cup・ ワールドカップ予選|World Cup qualifying rounds・ ワールドユース選手権大会|the Under-20 World Cup; the World Youth Cup《選手》・ イレブン|the eleven・ ゴールキーパー|a goalkeeper⦅略GK⦆・ 司令塔|the playmaker・ スイーパー|a sweeper・ ストライカー|a striker・ ディフェンダー|a defender⦅略DF⦆・ フォワード|a forward⦅略FW⦆・ ミッドフィールダー|a midfielder⦅略MF⦆・ リベロ|a libero(▼イタリア語)《プレー技術》・ アシスト|an assist・ インターセプト|an interceptionインターセプトする|intercept.・ オウンゴール|an own goal・ オーバーヘッドキック|a bicycle kick・ カウンター攻撃|⦅launch⦆ a counterattack・ 壁パス|a wall pass; a one-two・ 決勝ゴール|a winning goal・ ゴール|a goalゴールを決める|score a goal.・ シュート|shootingシュートする|shoot.ボレーシュートをする|volley.・ スルーパス|a through pass・ センタリング|centering・ ドリブル|dribbling・ パス|a pass・ バックパス|a back pass・ フェイント|a feint・ Vゴール|a sudden-death [golden] goal・ ヘディング|heading・ ヘディングシュート|a header・ マンツーマン|one-on-one marking; man-to-man defense《試合》・ アウェー|an away game・ インプレー|⦅be⦆ in play・ 延長戦|overtime; extra time・ エンドを交代する|change ends・ オフサイド|an offside・ オフサイドトラップ|an offside trap・ キックオフ|the kickoff・ コイントス|the toss of a coin(⇒用例)・ 後半|the second half・ コーナーキック|a corner kick・ スローイン|a throw-in・ 先取点|the opening goal in play・ 前半|the first half・ 中断|⦅be⦆ out of play・ ハーフタイム|⦅at⦆ halftime・ ハットトリック|a hat trick・ PK戦|a penalty shoot-out・ フリーキック|a free kick・ ペナルティーキック|a penalty kick・ ホームゲーム|a home game・ ロスタイム|injury time; extended time《反則ペナルティー》・ イエローカード|the yellow card(⇒用例)・ オブストラクション|obstruction・ 警告|a caution・ 出場停止|suspension出場停止にする|suspend ⦅a player⦆.・ 退場|dismissal; sending off・ トリッピング|tripping ⦅an opponent⦆・ バックチャージ|charging ⦅an opponent⦆ from behind・ 反則|an offense, ⦅英国用法⦆an offence・ ハンドリング|handling ⦅the ball⦆・ ホールディング|holding ⦅an opponent⦆・ レッドカード|the red card(⇒用例)《その他》・ 移籍|a transfer移籍する|transfer ⦅to⦆.・ 移籍料|a transfer fee・ 降格|relegation降格になる|be relegated.・ サッカーくじ|a soccer [football] lottery; ⦅英国用法⦆⦅do⦆ the football pools; 〔トトカルチョ〕totocalcio(▼イタリア語)・ サポーター|a supporter・ フーリガン|a hooligan; 〔その行為〕hooliganism

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Interchange 3 Un.7

Interchange 3 Un.7 p.45.3A

1. The health of people in urban areas is being threatened by air pollution.

2. soil and underground water have been contaminated because of livestock farms.

3. Acid rain has been created as a result of the burning of gas, oil, and coal.

4. A hole in the ozone layer has been created through the use of CFCs in products like hair spray.

5. Rare plants and wildlife are being harmed through the destruction of rain forest.

6. Huge amounts of farmland have been eaten up due to the growth of suburbs.

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Comics – BP ★★

The oil spill at BP’s Deep Water Horizon, predicted to be the worst oil-related disaster ever, is already creating havoc for coastal communities and impacting the livelihoods of shrimp farmers and fishermen for months if not years to come. Here is a selection of editorial cartoons from American newspapers that try to inject a little levity into this very serious problem.

A play on the saying “The sun never sets on the British Empire”.


1 影響, 効果;感化have [make] an impact upon …|…に影響を与える.

2 (物体と物体の)衝突;衝撃;突き当たる[ぶつかる]こと;衝撃力on impact|衝撃で.

livelihoods: 生計(の手段), 暮らし

earn [gain, get, make] a livelihood as a teacher [=by teaching]|教師をして生計を立てる write for a livelihood|物を書いて生活するearn an honest [a moderate] livelihood|正直にかせいで[まずまず]暮らしていく.

levity: 軽率, 軽はずみ, 移り気;軽率な行為.


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