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Interchange 3 Un.7

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Interchange 3 Un.7 p.45.3A

1. The health of people in urban areas is being threatened by air pollution.

2. soil and underground water have been contaminated because of livestock farms.

3. Acid rain has been created as a result of the burning of gas, oil, and coal.

4. A hole in the ozone layer has been created through the use of CFCs in products like hair spray.

5. Rare plants and wildlife are being harmed through the destruction of rain forest.

6. Huge amounts of farmland have been eaten up due to the growth of suburbs.


Author: Aonghas Crowe

Aonghas (pron. "Ennis") Crowe is an author, writer, blogger, and translator. He splits his time between Fukuoka, Japan and Beirut, Lebanon. Read more by Aonghas Crowe at www.aonghascrowe.com

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