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Dialect – Sneakers ★★

73. What is your *general* term for the rubber-soled shoes worn in gym class, for athletic activities, etc.?
a. sneakers (45.50%)
b. tennis shoes (41.34%)
c. gymshoes (5.55%)
d. sand shoes (0.03%)
e. jumpers (0.01%)
f. shoes (1.93%)
g. running shoes (1.42%)
h. runners (0.17%)
i. trainers (0.23%)
j. I have no general word for this (0.89%)
k. other (2.95%)
(10722 respondents)

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Choice a: sneakers

Choice b: shoes

Choice c: gymshoes

Choice f: tennis shoes

Choice g: running shoes

I grew up on the west coast of the United States, living for the first ten years in the Los Angeles area, and the next ten or so years in Portland, Oregon. My father on the other hand, grew up in the Boston area, so the English I speak has been influenced somewhat by his way of speaking. As a child in California, I remember saying “tennis shoes” and sometimes “tennies”. In Oregon, many people called the shoes “running shoes”. After living in Japan as long as I have, I’ve been using “sneaker” to describe the shoes.


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