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Waiting for Superman

There’s a good statistic in the film: while American kids score near the bottom of most international comparative aptitude tests, the area where American kids do excel is confidence.
A study done about ten years ago compared confidence with actual performance and found that the higher students’ confidence in themselves, the worst their performance. I was not surprised.


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Inherit the Wind ★★★

Inherit the Wind is a 1960 Hollywood film adaptation of the play of the same name, starring Spencer Tracy (as Drummond) and Fredric March (as Brady), and featuring Gene Kelly (as Hornbeck), Harry Morgan (as the Judge), and so on. Inherit the Wind fictionalizes the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial as a means to discuss McCarthyism.Written to respond to the “threat to intellectual freedom” that the McCarthy era represented, the play is dismissive towards creationism.

adaptation: (…の)改訂;改作物, 翻案物⦅from, of …⦆;(…向きの)脚色⦅for …⦆

a television adaptation of …  …のテレビ化

a successful adaptation from another novel  他の小説からの巧みな翻案.

McCarthyism: マッカーシズム:1950年代前半の米国のヒステリックな反共赤狩り運動.[米国の上院国内治安分科会委員長Joseph R. McCarthy(1908-57)]

dismissive: (思い上がった態度で)(…を)却下する[はねつける]ような⦅of …⦆

He was dismissive of the proposal.  彼はその提案をはねつけた.

creationism: 〘神学〙霊魂創造説


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The Corporation ★★★

The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary, written by Joel Bakan, and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott, that is critical of modern-day corporations and their legal status as a class of person. The film  evaluates corporate behavior towards society and the world in general as a psychiatrist might evaluate an ordinary person. It is a must-see for anyone concerned about the considerable power that corporations wield today.

The entire documentary is available on YouTube with and without Japanese subtitles.

THE CORPORATION [1/23] What is a Corporation?

ザ・コーポレーション(The Corporation)日本語字幕 01/18

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Kamikaze Girls ★

Kamikaze Girls, known in Japan as Shimotsuma Monogatari (下妻物語, Shimotsuma Story) is a movie based on a novel written by Novala Takemoto.

Kamikaze Girls centers around two students, Momoko Ryugasaki (Kyoko Fukada) and Ichigo “Ichiko” Shirayuri (Anna Tsuchiya), who are from completely different backgrounds: one is a Lolita girl, the other a Yankī. The story showcases their special bond. The movie was filmed in the town of Shimotsuma, in the Ibaraki Prefecture in Eastern Japan. The movie was produced in 2004.

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Dick Dastardly ★★

Dick Dastardly is a popular cartoon character who appeared in various animated series by Hanna-Barbera Productions. Dastardly’s most famous appearances are main character in the series Wacky Races and its spin-off Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. He is a caricature of the English actor Terry-Thomas. The character was voiced originally by Paul Winchell, and currently by Jim Cummings.



2(またspínòff)波及したもの;(予期せぬ)副産物, 派生企画, テレビ映画などの派生商品.


1 カリカチュア, 風刺漫画, 戯画, 風刺文;U戯画化[法]

a bold [a harsh] caricature|大胆な[手きびしい]戯画

make a caricature of a politician|ある政治家を戯画化する

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A Christmas Story ★★

A Christmas Story, one of my favorite holiday movies, is a 1983 American/Canadian comedy film based on the short stories and semi-fictional anecdotes of author and raconteur Jean Shepherd, including material from his books In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. Directed by Bob Clark, this film has since become a holiday classic and is shown numerous times on television during the Christmas season. Enjoy!