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Quiz – 形容詞 + ed/ing ★★

A lot of students have difficulty knowing when to use adjectives ending with -ing or -ed. Here’s something I found on the Internet:

「~ed」、 「~ing」 の形容詞(bored、boring など)

「~ed」 は一般的に、人の感情・精神状態に使うと思いますが

(人・生物) 以外でも使われる事はありますか?

そして「~ing」 は物・状況・人に対して使うとありますが
“「~ed」は人の感情、 「~ing」は人” に使うという所が

人に対して使う「~ing」は、その人自体=性格 に対して

感じる時 ”…boring.” と呟くとすると、人、その場の雰囲気

Now test your English below or here!

When the students did badly, the teacher became really depressed/depressing and didn’t smile for weeks.

I’m interested/interesting in applying for the job.

I’m interested/interestingin finding out more about this. Where can I look?

The lesson was really bored/boring . I almost fell asleep.

I was disappointed/disappointing by the news. I didn’t expect it.

I don’t understand this exercise. I’m very confused/confusing .

There are a lot of road signs. It’s all very confused/confusing.

I do the same thing every day. My job is very bored/boring.

Cheer up . Don’t feel so depressed/depressing. There are plenty of other jobs.

I thought your behaviour at the party was disgusted/disgusting. You were sick in the middle of the room

My job is very varied. I find it interested/interesting.

I was disgusted/disgusting by his behaviour. It was outrageous.

The performance of the English team was very disappointed/disappointing. They played much worse than expected.

I have nothing to do. I’m bored/boring.

I was interested/interesting by her behaviour. It was very funny.

I am very interested/interesting in this subject. I find it fascinating.

I heard some very depressed/depressing news. I’m going to lose my job. I feel terrible.

I heard a very amused/amusing story. It will make you laugh.

It’s not surprised/surprising that you failed the exam. You never did any work.

My trip to Paris has been cancelled. I’m really disappointed/disappointing . I really wanted to go.


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