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読売 ニュースの英語 ★★★


The Justice Ministry opened one of the nation’s seven execution chambers to the media for the first time at the Tokyo Detention House.


open: 開く、公開する

execution: 死刑執行

chamber: 部屋, 引用文は原文と一部異なります

◆ Detention House: 拘置所

(2010年8月31日  読売新聞)


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読売 ニュースの英語 ★★★

leave no stone unturned

“The auto giant will need to leave no stone unturned in its probe into the cause of the acceleration problems.”


leave no stone unturned: 石を一つ残らずひっくり返す、あらゆる手段を尽くす、とことん調べる

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読売 ニュースの英語 ★★★

of all time

“Asashoryu has the third most championships of all time behind the legendary Taiho and Chiyonofuji.”


of all time: 古今を通じての;

time: 時代、年代

legendary:  伝説の、伝説的な、有名な

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読売 ニュースの英語 ★★★

loosen one’s purse strings

“As the spring graduation and matriculation season approaches,video camera manufacturers are trying to tempt people into loosening their purse strings to purchase new models.”


loosen one’s purse strings: 財布のひもを緩める

matriculation: 大学入学許可、入学式