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Vocab Building – 会社 ★★

・外資系企業|a company with capital participation by a foreign company; a foreign-affiliated firm

・ 会社|a company; a firm; a corporation

・ 株式会社|a joint-stock [⦅米国用法⦆stock] company; ⦅英国用法⦆〔株式公開の〕a public limited company, 〔株式非公開の〕 a private (limited) company

・ 多国籍企業|a multinational corporation [company]

・ 同族会社|a family corporation《経営母体による区別》

・ 協同組合|a cooperative

・ 公営企業|a publicly managed company; a public enterprise

・ 公社,公団|a public corporation

・ 国営企業|a state-run company; a state enterprise

・ 第三セクター|a semi-public joint venture company; a quasi-public corporation

・ 特殊法人|a government-affiliated corporation; a special corporation《規模関連》

・ 親会社|a parent company

・ 関連会社|an affiliated company

・ 系列|corporate alliances; a group of closely related companies; a keiretsu

・ 子会社|a subsidiary company

・ 財閥|a zaibatsu; 〔韓国の〕a chaebol

・ 大企業|a big company; Big Business

・ 中小企業|small (and medium-sized) businesses

・ 提携先|a business partner

・ 取引先|a customer; a business connection

・ 複合企業体|a conglomerate

・ 持株会社|a holding company《起業ベンチャー》

・ 起業家|an entrepreneur

・ 起業家精神|entrepreneurship

・ ベンチャー企業|a start-up; a venture business

・ ベンチャー投資基金|a venture investment fund《行為》

・ 合併|(a) merger

・ 株の持ち合い|crossholding of shares

・ 管財人|a receiver

・ 管財人になる|be appointed receiver

・ 企業買収|merger and acquisition; M&A

・ 吸収|absorption

・ 合弁事業|a joint venture

・ 再建屋|a turnaround manager

・ 破産,倒産|bankruptcy; insolvency《経営陣》

・ 会長|the chairman (of the board of directors)

・ 監査役|an auditor

・ 経営者|a manager; 〔総称〕the top management

・ 顧問弁護士|a corporate lawyer

・ 最高業務責任者|the chief operating officer⦅略COO⦆

・ 最高経営責任者|the chief executive officer⦅略CEO⦆

・ 最高財務責任者|the chief financial officer⦅略CFO⦆

・ 社外重役|an outside director

・ 社長|the president(▼実権を握るトップとしては「代表取締役」の肩書きを使う)

・ 常務取締役|a managing director

・ 専務取締役|an executive director; a senior managing director

・ 相談役,顧問|a senior (corporate) adviser

・ 代表取締役|the representative director; the chief executive officer⦅略CEO⦆; ⦅英国用法⦆the managing director

・ 副社長|an executive vice-president(▼複数いる場合が多い)

・ 役員会|the board of directors

・ 役員,重役|a director《主な部署》

・ 営業部|the sales department

・ 企画部|the planning department

・ 経理部|the accounting department

・ 広報部|the public relations department

・ 財務部|the financial management department

・ 人事部|the personnel department

・ 総務部|the general affairs department [division] (▼departmentはdept., divisionはdiv.と略す)《管理職》

・ 係長|a subsection chief

・ 課長|the head of a section; a section head [manager]

・ 課長補佐|an assistant section manager

・ 中間管理職|a middle(-level) manager; 〔総称〕the middle management

・ 部長|the general manager《その他》

・ 給与外特典|fringe benefits; ⦅口⦆perks

・ 年功序列型給与|a seniority-based [seniority-oriented] salary

・ 年俸制|the annual-salary system; a system of performance-based annual salaries

・ 能率給|a performance-based salary

彼は子会社に出向中である|He is on loan to a subsidiary company.

我が社は営業品目の拡大を計画中である|Our company is planning to diversify.

この会社は大幅なリストラが必要である|This company needs radical restructuring.

会社は近く破産申告をする|The company is going to file for bankruptcy soon.

あの会社は先月倒産した|That company [went bankrupt / became insolvent] last month.

昇進が年功で決まる時代は終わった|Promotion is no longer based on seniority.

社用族だから派手に飲み食いする|They spend a lot at restaurants and bars because it can all go on the company expense account.

求人広告をこまめに見ている|I’m reading the help-wanted ads carefully these days.

定年後は嘱託で5年働ける|After retirement I can work part-time for another five years.

会社訪問で勉強に身が入らない|Because I have to visit companies to get job information, I can’t concentrate on my studies.