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Interchange 3 Un.7

Interchange 3 Un.7 p.45.3A

1. The health of people in urban areas is being threatened by air pollution.

2. soil and underground water have been contaminated because of livestock farms.

3. Acid rain has been created as a result of the burning of gas, oil, and coal.

4. A hole in the ozone layer has been created through the use of CFCs in products like hair spray.

5. Rare plants and wildlife are being harmed through the destruction of rain forest.

6. Huge amounts of farmland have been eaten up due to the growth of suburbs.


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Interchange, Un. 6 p39 ★★

Interchange, Un. 6 p39.7

1. The walls need to be painted.

2.  The rug needs cleaning.

3.  The windows need washing.

4. The clothes need to be picked up.

5.  The lamp shade needs replacing.

6. The wastebasket needs to be emptied.

7.  The ceiling fan needs adjusting.

8. The plant needs watering.

Interchange, Un. 6 p39.7

1. My computer is driving me crazy. It keeps breaking down.

2.  The buttons on the remote control always stick. They keep getting jammed.

3. That used CD player often jumps to another song. It keeps skipping.

4. Our new flat-screen TV has a problem. It keeps flickering.

5. Those old cell phones never work right anymore. They keep going dead.

6.  Sometimes Ed can’t use his solar-powered calculator. It keeps going dead.

7.  My computer screen needs to be replaced. It keeps freezing.

8.  The answering machine never picks up any calls. It keeps breaking down.

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Cutting Edge, Un.1 p7.1~4 ★★★

Cutting Edge, Un.1 p7.1

1. How are things with you?

2.  How do you do?

3.  What is your full name and address?

4. How was your flight?

5.   When did you get here?

6.  Did you have good journey to school this evening?

7.   Where are you staying while you’re here?

8.  Have you got any special reason for learning English?

9.  Do/Can you speak any other languages

10. How is your job going?

11. Have you got any brothers and sisters?

12. Did you have a nice holiday?

13. Is this your first visit to New York?

14. How is all (of) your family?

How is everyone in your family?

How is your family?

Cutting Edge, Un.1 p7.4

1. How do say this in English?

What is the English word for this?

How do you say クリップ in English?

What do you call this in English?

What is this in English?

2. How do you pronounce this (word)?

3. How do you spell ~ ?

4. Which page should I look at?

What page are we on?

What page are we doing/studying?

5. What is tonight’s homework?

What’s for homework tonight?

Is this homework?

6. What did the teacher say?

I’m sorry, (but) I didn’t catch/hear what you just said.

Could you say that again?

Could you repeat that?

7. Could you write that on the board?

Could you write that down for me?

8. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Could you explain that (again)?

I don’t understand what you’re talking about.


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Cutting Edge Un12 WB p90, 88 ★★★

Cutting Edge Un12 WB p90b

2. She refused to pay.

3. She denied breaking the photocopier.

4. She complained that the food was undercooked.

5. She warned Pat that the roads were very slippery.

6. She warned me that if I didn’t turn the noise down, she would call the police.

7. He offered to have a look at my TV.

8. She blamed Geoff for the misunderstanding.

Cutting Edge Un12 p88.4.

b. I thought you said you had been to New Orleans (already).

c. But you said you didn’t want one.

d. But I was told that the room cost 40 pounds.

But I was told that the room would cost 40 pounds.

e. But when I spoke to you earlier, you said he would be free at three o’clock.

f. But you told me just now that you had (already) posted the letter (to them).

g. But I thought you said the food there was terrible.

h. But they told me at reception I’ve got plenty of time to get there.

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Cutting Edge Un12 WB p88 ★★★

Cutting Edge Un12 WB p88.3

2. “I admire your honesty.”

3. “You cheated in the exam.”

4. “I want to get my hair cut like yours.”

5. “We won’t be late.”

6. “You look as if you’ve lost your weight.”

“You look like you’ve lost weight.”

“Have you lost weight? You look thinner.”

7. “I’m going to reduce your salary.”

8. “It’s (been) a long time since I’ve eaten such delicious food.”

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Interchange Un.5 WBp25 ★★★

Interchange Un.5 WB p25.2

1. Would you be nervous about being far away from your family?

Yes. One thing I’d be nervous about is not being able to speak the language.

2. Would you feel insecure about traveling alone?

Yes. One thing I’d feel insecure about is not being able to speak English. Another thing I’d feel insecure about is the food.

3. Would you be enthusiastic about making new friends?

Not really, but one thing I’d  really be enthusiastic about is enjoying the scenery and nature.

4. Would you be curious about the way people live in other countries?

Yes. One thing I’d be curious about is the history the people.

5. Would you be anxious about spending too much time money?

Yes. I would be worried about my savings decreasing.

Interchange Un.5 WB p25.3

1. The Architecture is something I’d be fascinated by.

2. The climate is something I’d be comfortable with.

3. The food is something I’d be curious about.

4. The language is something I’d be uncertain about.

5. The money is something I’d be worried about.

6. The music is something I’d be comfortable with.

7. The people my age are something I’d be curious about.

8. The public transportation is something I’d be uncertain about.


Speak! English Salon/スピーク英会話サロン



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Cutting Edge Un12 p133.3-4★★★

Cutting Edge Un12 p133.3

a. suggested watching

b. said someone . . . had failed

c. (had) wanted

d. admitted to have thrown

admitted having thrown

admitted that he had thrown

e. persuaded her husband to get in touch with . . .

f. agreed to investigate

g. tell the Totts that they had

h. warned the couple not to inform

i. had broken

j. refusing to pay out

k. ordered him to leave

l. decided to inform

m. offered to put

n. invited the couple to appear

o. apologized for causing

p. insisted that they had to follow

q. accused Camelot of ruining their lives

r. threatened to sue

s. denied making

denied having made

t. blames the media for rasing

Cutting Edge Un12 p133.4

b. Kay suggested having a quiet night and watching a video.

c. He apologized (to his wife) for having thrown the ticket away the week before.

He apologized for throwing the ticket away /the other week.

d. The company promised to investigate the matter thoroughly.

The company promised the Totts that they would investigate the matter thoroughly.

e. The company warned them not to tell anyone about it.

f. The company refused to answer any questions about the investigation.

g. They denied (ever) having any problems in their marriage before it happened.